Less Saturated Fats

While modern research has found that saturated fats aren’t as bad for you as we once thought, high levels of them still aren’t great, either. In grass-fed whey protein, these fats are kept to a minimum.

Improved Body Composition

Both omega-3s and CLAs have shown potential when it comes to reducing body fat and improving overall metabolism.

For example, CLAs, directly influences a molecular signaling receptor family named PPAR that controls your metabolism of fats and carbs, while also influencing levels of the steroid hormones that direct muscle growth and body composition.

Increased Brain Function

By increasing the blood flow to the brain while also reducing inflammation, omega-3s can improve memory, mood and brain function. The fats have also shown promise as a way to slow cognitive decline.

Reduced Inflammation

As mentioned, omega-3s fight inflammation. This action, however, is not confined to your brain but takes place throughout your system. Interestingly, CLAs play a similar role.

Metal scoop of grass-fed whey protein powder

Grass-fed whey, then, can help to reduce inflammation caused by any number of issues and may even help to speed up exercise recovery.

More Humane Farming

People are often surprised to learn that it’s a big deal that some whey is grass-fed. After all, don’t all cows eat grass? They should. However, this method of farming required more land and can make it more difficult for the farmers to oversee their animals.

To make things faster and more convenient, then, many farmers use the feed-lot model; packing the cows into a smaller area where they are given chemically treated grain-based foods.

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